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Voted Best NFT Marketing Agency in USA

We were voted one of the best NFT marketing agencies in the world and the top one from the USA. We provide a full-service Web3 marketing service.
We're a diverse team spread across 3 continents and are available 24/7.

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Web3 Developers
NFT Influencers
Discord Partnerships
Legal Compliance
Ballies NFT Project
Community Building | Influencer Recruitment
We helped Ballies grow their Discord to over 12,000 members in 2 weeks before their launch. 3M in sales generated in 24 hours.
Samurai Cats
Marketing Strategy | Community Partnerships
We helped connect Samurai Cats with a core group of whale investors across various Telegram and Discord groups. As a result we helped contribute to a pre sale amount of $40,000 USD+ which combined with other purchases helped their pre-sale to be oversubscribed. Their final result was a later sold out project.
Bricktopians NFT Project
Discord Growth, Influencer Marketing
We helped sold out project Bricktopians connect with influencers and celebrities across Instagram and Twitter along with Discord growth through messaging millions of users before this method became less effective. 6.8M in total sales.
Meet Our Team
A diverse group of top notch experts in marketing, tech, & innovation.
  • CEO & Founder
    Olumide Gbenro is a sought after NFT advisor known for being super connected in the industry with access to world class artists, Web3 developers, and the best influencers in the space.
  • Head of Community
    Jayson Burgess
    Jayson has worked with Fortune 500 companies launching NFT projects and with solo founders dropping low supply, high-priced NFT access passes. His ability to manage communication of the essence of every brand is exceptional. He does this across Discord and Twitter. It's often the element that's most underestimated but one that is always in extremely safe hands with Jay.
  • Hlanga Vena
    Head of Partnerships
    Web3 extraordinaire, Hlanga has been the game since his early teens, has his ears close to the ground and has direct friendships and relationships with all the top founders and influencers in the game. I call him my "secret sauce" for many of our sold out projects.
  • Creative Director
    Athos is an award winning Art Director, Animator, Illustrator based in Cyprus. He and his team at Black Dog Creative Agency are our exlusive partners for art creation. They have worked with some of the top brands in the world. He serves to create world class art for our clients and has a diverse range of skills at his disposal from animation to 2D, 3D, rigging and even virtual reality.
  • Head of Security
    The weakest point of every project is their Discord server.  We're proud to say, Robin has successfully been protecting Discord servers for dozens of projects in Web3 over the last 6 years. Ranging from Tiktok influencers with over 600K followers to NFT projects with a combined 1 million followers across their respective accounts he's diligently managed some of the top projects in the world from his desktop in London, England.
The Blockchain never sleeps and neither do we.
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